Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Campaign response - 'Vote against a deal'

Some constituents have written to me with a campaign email that opens with " As you will be aware, the House of Commons will soon be asked to vote once again on the Brexit deal negotiated by the government."

In the recent vote I did not support the proposed deal. Any deal has to honour the spirit of the referendum result and thus my vote against it.

It may be a deal comes forward that achieves that and it will be sensible for the UK and the EU to have a mutually beneficial agreement. In the absence of that then article 50 already sets out that we leave with no deal. Whilst that is not my preferred option it is an agreed and appropriate way forward.

The EU's standard practice of brinkmanship is well known. If they choose to offer something worthy of support then so be it. If not the road is clear for no deal.