Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Campaign Response - Amendment E to Withdrawal Agreement

A few constituents have sent a campaign  email asking me to vote for Amendment E tabled by Yvette Cooper.

I will be voting against it for a number of reasons:

Its true motivation is to delay and hinder both parliament and Brexit – the last thing the country needs.

It would seriously weaken our negotiating positon with the EU – an irrational and totally unproductive move.

Article 50, passed by a big majority in the House set out that in the event of not securing a deal with the EU we would leave with no deal and whilst that is not my preferred option it clearly establishes the way forward.

Perhaps more importantly it would override centuries of well establish Parliamentary procedures and ultimately undermine the stability of our democratic institutions that have served our nation well and been respected the world over. Anything that seeks to damage that is unworthy and thus it fails on all accounts.