Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Campaign response - “Stop the madness or at least let have a 2nd people vote!!!”

A number of constituents have written to me with a campaign email entitled “Stop the madness or at least let have a 2nd people vote!!!”

The decision to leave the EU was always a contentious matter with opinion divided between political parties, families, spouses and communities. Recognising that, listening to and having regard for those views has helped me reaffirm my own long held view that we must leave the EU – for the good of the UK and not least to honour the referendum result. Looking at suggestions for a second referendum I  disagree with both the sentiments, statements and the arguments put forward. The country is  not “in a complete mess”  and I perceive that in an attempt to persuade themselves and others of the merits of a second referendum a negative narrative is being fostered in the hope it will repaint the reality that is the UK:

Record numbers in employment.
Record level of minimum wage
Record sums going into the NHS
New schools and roads of the Duchy and more on the way
Record levels of inward investment
Record tax receipts to the Treasury – business is doing well

And all this despite the Remain forecast that 500,000 to 800,000 jobs would be lost immediately if the UK voted to leave the EU.

If any of us decide to rely on negative and frankly false stories then no wonder you feel concern. Where the word “risk” is used replace it with opportunity and let us remember that change is always a challenge. There will be a transition period as we leave the EU. There will be challenges but that has to be seen in light of the opportunities that await us.

Much is said about our economic future and whilst I firmly believe we will prosper, countless constituents are in touch saying even if that is not the case they want to see the UK become a sovereign nation again. We can have both.

The arguments around a second referendum have been played out many times before and I have commented on it before:

One further thought is that just as many feel so strongly about a re-run of the referendum or simply want to remain in the EU so there are overwhelming numbers of those who write with an opposing view. I copy below an extract of an email I recently received from a Leave voter complaining about the current situation and their displeasure:

Told consistently that I didn't know what I voted for. I did know!
Accused of being ignorant!
Accused of being a racist!
Subjected to being accosted in the street by ' people's vote' activists!
Told that we will  not have medicine, food and security with no deal! All lies!
Still, to this day, been continually harassed by 'project fear'

However you voted in the last election or the referendum and whether you agree or disagree with my long established stance on leaving the EU and no to a second referendum I will always be pleased to hear from you and do my best to take your views into account whilst at the same time honouring the promises made at the last election and during the referendum.