Monday, 28 January 2019

Campaign reply - 'Please fight for our nature'

A number of constituents have written to me with an email entitled “ Please fight for our nature.”

Whilst parliament and the media  have a strong focus on Brexit, the work for me as a backbench MP, continue across a whole raft of activities and agendas. This campaign in support of nature is a welcome and worthy proposition.

The Agriculture Bill, Fisheries Bill and Environment Bill all under the guidance of Michael Gove is an ideal opportunity to set  parameters. Michael has excellent green credentials and has proved himself both a listener and a doer. My experience in talks with him on various matters concerning the environment and beyond has always been positive; his help, advice and support on plastic waste reduction which poses such a threat to wildlife was invaluable. Whilst I commend his stance to date there is more that can be done.

One development here in the Duchy which could prove a vital breakthrough in the progress towards green transport (transport accounts for around one third of Co2 emissions in the UK) is the prospect of commercial extraction of lithium - a key material used in batteries. With the prospect of the electric car becoming the norm very soon, lithium will be in high demand. Further, Boeing has made further announcements about its all electric aircraft – again the greening of our transport is under way and in my role on the Transport Committee I continue to promote green transport as part of the strategy towards a better environment for us all.

We are set to leave the EU on 29 March and will then be free to set our own laws and regulations to ensure that nature and our environment is protected and supported for the benefit of everyone.