Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Campaign response - 'Suggestion For Wording of 2019 EU Referendum'

A number of you have written to me about Wording of 2019 EU Referendum on Brexit. I acknowledge the strong feelings held by many on both sides of the debate and whilst I have genuine interest in all points of view expressed I also need to see it in light of my own convictions and the overwhelming support given to Leave in the constituency during the referendum.

There is no necessity to have a second referendum. This is a deeply flawed premise and therefore whatever flows from it, is equally flawed. We were all asked a simple question – one that everyone could understand and weigh for themselves. People chose. Leave won the argument. It was the biggest democratic turnout in our thousand year old democracy. The people have spoken and now it is incumbent on all politicians to act on those instructions. As a candidate at the last election I made clear my intention to pursue a meaningful Brexit – and received an increased majority – the largest the constituency has ever known. The idea that I should now support asking those same people if they knew what they were doing is not a serious proposition.

The salient point that comes through in emails, letters, meetings and whilst I am walking around the constituency is that above all else – above politics, money, the economy and so on, is that people want their country back; sovereignty; secured borders; our own law making – and I agree.

All the complex flow charts and arguments and “new points of view” can and will never change that.