Monday, 23 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 10

Today was one of those days where we seem to have experienced the full range of emotions. We started the day wondering how we would fare after the struggles of yesterday, and have ended it wondering how we will cope tomorrow.

Our aim today was to walk from South Wonston, which is just north of Winchester to North Wanborough/Odiham where we join the Basingstoke Canal. A distance of around 23 miles.

We woke feeling good and positive. The aches and pains of the previous day had gone and we were up for the challenge. The weather was warm but not too hot. We set off at a good pace and made great progress. By lunch time we had covered 14.5 miles. Our route took us under the M3, our second motorway, and we also took advantage of a couple of footpaths that saved walking miles on the road.

‎Passing under the M3 

Our friends and hosts Jeremy and Sarah manned the support truck and Sarah was able to film some video footage of us which will be available later.

After a nice pub lunch we set off to walk the remaining 8.5 miles. As we have often found, stopping seemed to change everything. Anne particularly started to suffer as a couple of blisters on her toes grew and started to push against the nails which meant they catching on her shoes.

After about 4 miles she was not able to go on as she was. After a stop to inspect the damage we realised she really needed to deal with the offending blisters but we could not really do this on the road side. So we had to drive back to Jeremy and Sarah’s house where we could pierce the blisters and treat them. I must pay big respect to Anne at this point as although the temptation could easily have been to call it a day she was determined to patch herself up and get back on the road to complete today’s miles.

Anne carrying out some running repairs 

So we headed back out again and were back on the road around 6.30pm. We had 5 miles left to do and we decided to try to knock them off as quickly as possible. We set out as fast as we have done at any point on the walk and completed the 5 miles in under 1 hour 15 mins in one hit with no breaks.

We have finished the day happy that we remain on schedule to arrive in Westminster as planned on Thursday morning. However I now have a blister on the end of my toe which is very painful. So we are both hoping that we recover again tonight and are both fit for the road tomorrow.

It wasn't all roadways - pioneering!

Tomorrow we pick up the Basingstoke Canal and walk along the tow path which will take us around 23 miles to Woking. This should be flat and easy going so hopefully we can complete this without too many dramas.

 Thanks again for all your messages of support and recent donations. We are now only £65 below the £4000 mark so hopefully we can pass that tomorrow. Here’s the link if you want to sponsor us: