Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 4

Today's stats: 24.5 miles, 8 hours 13 mins walking, 59,879 steps, 3217 calories, still 2 blisters, chafing improving!

After our struggle to complete our target yesterday we really needed a good day today - and we had one.

We were delighted to be joined by our good friends and members of our campaign team Phil and Jill Bunt. Jill drove the support truck and Phil walked with us.

Arriving at Honiton with Phil Bunt

With Jill Bunt

We headed back to the point we stopped the evening before and started with a long walk up hill to Longdown. We then headed into Exeter, through the centre of the city and out into East Devon toward Honiton.

We were stopped by several people in Exeter who asked for details of what we were doing and made a donation. The logos on our T Shirts and Hi-Viz jackets are certainly getting us noticed. 

We walked past the Exeter branch of the Children's Hospice SW shop and called in to say hi to the staff.

At the Exeter Children's Hospice SW shop

It was wonderful to leave the constant up and down hills of Cornwall and West Devon behind us and the going was much easier. We made great progress through the morning and by early afternoon were more of less back on schedule. It actually made a big difference having Phil along with us to keep us going. So if anyone else fancies pitching up we'd love to see you.

Crossing the M5

The only snag today was getting lost in the deep countryside east of Exeter. The roads seemed to bear no resemblance to our map. A couple of times we actually had to drive around in the van to get our bearings and find where we were before going back and carrying on our walk.

Leaving Exeter - about to get lost!

Today was a good day with just over 24 miles walked. We are feeling fit and enjoying the challenge. The only concerns are the condition of our feet, which really are taking all the pounding!

Things we learned today:

Exeter folk are generous

East Devon lanes are confusing and all look the same

Compeed plasters are from Heaven!

Tomorrow we press on to Somerset - our 3rd county.

Thanks again for all your support. Please keep donating and telling all your friends about what we are doing.


Today we met something slower than us!