Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 8

Today was always planned to be an easier day. Rather than take a full rest day, after which we were concerned we would find it hard to get going again, we decided to take two easier days over this weekend. So our plan was to walk from our finishing point last night just south of Salisbury to a place called Kings Somborne – a distance of around 16 miles.

It was another beautiful day and we were joined on the walk by my nephew Matt, and later after lunch our son Jacob came and walked with us. As we had a shorter distance to walk and all on lanes and footpaths we did not have anyone to drive the support truck today but shuttled the vehicles between our start and end points.

With Matt and Jacob Double

In many ways it was a quiet and uneventful day. We crossed over into Hampshire, our 6th county. The going was pretty easy and we were able to enjoy a long lunch and still finish the distance by 5pm.

Crossing into Hampshire

The biggest challenge remains the condition of our feet. Both Anne and I have developed some serious blisters that make walking very painful. We are trying all of the various methods of easing them but they seem to be developing new ones quicker than the old ones heal. Still we hope a longer rest tonight and tomorrow morning will give our feet some time to recover. But whatever the case, we will press on!

My mother always told me I was heavy on my feet, and indeed my footwear. Today I inspected my walking shoes to find they are well and truly worn. Hopefully they will last the remainder of the walk.

My shoes are worn as well as my feet!

We are now only 80 miles from Westminster which means we have reached the 2/3rds distance point. The end is very much in sight and we are focused on completing the walk on schedule by Thursday. We should enjoy favourable terrain all the way now as much of the remaining route is along the Basingstoke Canal towpath. So we know it will be flat and even, apart from the occasional lock.

Thanks once again for all your kind messages of support and encouragement. They mean a great deal and do help keep us motivated.

Tomorrow morning I am being interviewed about the walk on the main stage at The Gathering, which is a Christian Men’s Festival (I describe it as what church would be like if it was run by Top Gear) in front of 1500 blokes. Then we will be back on the road after lunch.

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