Sunday 22 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 9

Last night we stayed with our good friends Will and Jo Pearse (although Will wasn’t there as he was camping at The Gathering) in Swindon and really appreciated being well looked after.

Being interviewed at The Gathering

This morning started with us attending The Gathering, where I was interviewed about our walk and was able to tell about 1500 men what we are going and why. It seemed to go well.

We then had to drive from Swindon back to where we finished on Saturday, just to the east of Kings Somborne. We again did not have a dedicated driver for today so by the time we then shuffled the cars around it was 2pm before we started to walk.

Anne and Matt setting the pace through beautiful Kings Somborne

We again had our son Jacob and nephew Matt walking with us, it was great to have their company again – yes they did walk!

With Jacob

The aim today was to walk the 12 miles or so to just north of Winchester to a place called South Wonston. Although it was a short walk compared to the distance we have travelled on other days, to our surprise we found the going really tough today. Whether it was just our bodies getting back up to speed or mentally being thrown off step by starting in the afternoon we just couldn’t seem to get going.

Our feet also seemed to be even more sensitive as a result of a rest and we were feeling every stone or lump in the road. So what we thought was going to be a leisurely afternoon stroll turned out to be a bit of a struggle.

Crawley - a typical picturesque English country hamlet 

Anyway we were treated once again to some more stunning scenery and beautiful picturesque villages. Hampshire really does have some really visual treats once you get off the main routes.

Map reading!

So we are now staying with our friends Jeremy and Sarah in Winchester where we will be based until Wednesday. So we get a chance to unpack and make a home for three days which will be nice.

We are now only 70 miles from Westminster and we are planning our last 4 days to plan to arrive at the House of Commons around lunch time on Thursday. So as long as we maintain our pace and our feet don’t get any more painful, we should be able to finish on schedule.  So if anyone is in London on Thursday and fancies meeting up with us in Parliament Square around lunch time let us know, it would be great to see a few familiar faces to celebrate (with a drink or two)with us as we complete our adventure.

Thanks to those who have sponsored us today. We are now within touching distance of £4000 so come on if you haven’t sponsored us yet, you can be the one to take us to the next target. Here’s the link: