Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 2

Today's stats: 7 hours, 29 minutes walking, 21.6 miles, 47525 steps, 2825 calories, 5 litres of water, 0 blisters. Still don't ask about the chafing!

When we set ourselves the challenge of walking the 259 miles from the constituency to the House of Commons, we knew we were able to walk the 22 or so miles we needed to cover every day. What we did not know was whether or not we could do it day after day, for the 13 days needed to complete the journey. So today was an important day. After managing to cover the distance we needed to yesterday, could we manage it again today?

Crossing the Tamar

Today’s journey took us from St Cleer, up Caradon Hill, across the river Tamar at Horsebridge, on to Tavistock and up onto Dartmoor as far as The Dartmoor Inn – roughly another 22 miles. The route would include some of the biggest hills we are going to face.

The weather was much better for walking today. A nice bit of cloud cover meant the temperatures were not high, although it still felt pleasantly warm. We even had a refreshing shower as we arrived on Dartmoor which was great at the end of a hard day.

We again enjoyed some stunning scenery, moors and amazing views across both Cornwall and Devon.

The walk continues!

Our driver today was Richard Pears who is my campaign manager. Richard does a great job of looking after my campaign for the General Election next year and he looked after us well today.

With Richard Pears

Crossing the border into Devon, which as we all know is in England, was special. Ordinarily leaving Cornwall is not something we welcome, but on this occasion it marked a sense of real progress as we could tick off our first county and enter Devon.

Crossing the border into Devon

Another highlight today was to be surprised on the road by our friends Peter and Barbara Wyper, who drove all the way to find us just to wish us well, and place some cash in our collecting pot! It really brightened our morning and reminded us of all the support we have received for our challenge. The many posts on Facebook, Twitter re-tweets, emails and text messages all really mean a great deal to us, so please keep them coming. But I have to say nothing tops people just showing up unannounced to say hi!

With Peter and Barbara Wyper

Another special moment was when we got up onto Dartmoor. Richard had driven ahead in the van and parked up to wait for us. As we approached we saw he was talking to a group of people. When we reached the car park they all stopped and applauded us which was a great encouragement towards the end of a hard days walking. They also added to our collection which was even better!

Pleased to reach the Dartmoor Inn and the end of the day's walk

The thing that keeps us going above everything is the donations people are making towards the two charities we are raising money for – Children’s Hospice SW and Cornwall Aid Ambulance. Today we have topped the £3500 mark. If you haven’t yet sponsored us, it would be great if you would – the link is here:

A reminder of why we are doing this - the Children's Hospice SW shop in Tavistock

All in all, another good day. A real sense of progress, and growing confidence that we can complete the journey as planned.

For those interested you can see today’s route here: Map of route

Some people have asked for details of the whole of our route. It is difficult to post the route in great detail. An outline of the plan is below. However please understand this is very much provisional and we will be taking it a day at a time:

Monday 16th – Dartmoor Inn to Longdown. Across Dartmoor
Tuesday 17th – Longdown to Honiton. Through Exeter
Wednesday 18th – Honiton to Crewekerne
Thursday 19th – Crewekerne to Shaftsbury
Friday 20th – Shaftsbury to Salisbury
Saturday 21st – Salisbury to Kings Sombourne
Sunday 22nd – Kings Sombourne to South Wonston (half day)
Monday 23rd – South Wonston - Odiham
Tuesday  24th – Odiham to Woking (along canal)
Wednesday 25th - Woking to Richmond (along canal)
Thursday 26th – Richmond to Westminster

In our hi-viz jackets, which were donated by Tony Goodman and his company Tevy