Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 6

Day 6 stats - 25 miles, 8hrs 20mins walking, 55008 steps, 3285 calories.

Today has been a good, but very hot day. We woke up early to cloudless skies, so we decided to get up and make a start before it started to get too warm, getting on the road just after 7.30am. This made a huge difference as we were able to walk over 12 miles before 1pm when the temperatures started to really climb.

‎Anne putting on a spurt 

Today we had our eldest son Josh driving the support truck. It was lovely to see him as he now lives in South Wales and we don’t get to spend time with him too often. He did a great job of supporting us and seemed to really enjoy the day.

With our eldest son and driver for today Josh

Today we walked from Crewkerne, where we spent the night, and made it to just outside of Shaftsbury. Our walk took us through lots of back lanes and we were again treated to some beautiful English countryside. We seemed to keep dipping in and out of Dorset along the way but ended the day in our 4th county.

Although it was a very hot day and the afternoon particularly was tough going, the terrain today was much kinder to us. We have well and truly now left behind the continual up and down hills of Cornwall and Devon and the landscape is now much flatter. This makes the going much easier and so we were able to make good progress and ended with our best day yet – completing 25 miles in all.

Dorset looking beautiful 

We also passed an important milestone today as we walked through the 130 miles mark, which means we are now over half way.  This time next week, all being well, we will have finished our adventure and be relaxing with a well-earned drink! Although we still have a long way to go, the fact that we have managed to reach the half way stage and still feel fit and as enthusiastic as ever gives us confidence that we can finish on schedule.

Half way selfie - 129.5 miles walked, 129.5 to go

The fundraising total continues to climb steadily. Thank you to all those who have donated today. We are now up to £3785. We would love to top the £4000 figure to spur us on for the final few days. So if you intended to donate and haven’t yet got around to it, now would be a good time to do so. Here is the link:

We have been encouraged today by the number of retweets we have been getting. It is great when people spread the word of what we are doing. So if you are on Facebook or Twitter please do feel free to share and retweet any of my posts.

Came across this place in deepest Somerset and thought for a minute we were closer to our destination than we were!

Tomorrow we start the day early again and have a meeting with the local MP for Shaftsbury, Bob Walter, who is keen to support our efforts first thing, and then hit the road bound for Salisbury.