Friday, 20 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 7

Today's  impressive stats - 26 miles (a new personal best), 6 hours 15 mins walking (over 4 mph), 57126 steps, 3401 calories. 4 very painful feet with more blisters than we care to count.

Today we completed one week on the road. It doesn’t actually seem possible that a week has gone by since we were sent off from The Eden Project by our friends. But here we are now, over 160 miles from home. 

Anne and I are both still loving this experience. I am sure we will reflect more once we have completed our challenge, but even now it is something that has taught us so much about ourselves, as well as discovering that after almost 28 years of marriage we still get on pretty well!

The last two nights we have been staying with Richard and Kathryn (Kathryn is an old school friend of Anne’s from the Isles of Scilly). It has been great to stay with people who have just allowed us to use their house as a base and feel at home. We are very grateful for their hospitality, but this morning it was time to load up the truck again and set off to where we finished last night.

We also met up with our driver for the day. Alan is a friend of a friend from Chard and did a brilliant job of looking after us on the road today.

Our driver for the day - Alan

We again started early and walked the last few miles into Shaftsbury in time to meet with the local MP Robert Walter as arranged. Neither of us can remember actually visiting Shaftsbury before and we were very struck by the historic buildings and wonderful views across Dorset and Wiltshire.

Gold Hill - historic part of Shaftsbury

Knowing how busy all MPs are we are very grateful to Bob for taking the time to welcome us and send us on our way with a donation to our fund. We then set off toward Salisbury.

In Shaftsbury with Robert Walters – MP for North Dorset

Today we chalked up a number of milestones. We entered our 5th county – Wiltshire. Our walk took us along the Chalk Valley. What a stunning place!

‎Wiltshire looking glorious

The route today was the kindest so far. It was very level and we certainly did not encounter anything that would warrant the name hill in Cornwall, although a few locals tried to describe them as such. This, added to the fact that we had much more cloud cover today, and therefore lower temperatures, meant that we were really able to knock off the miles. We managed to walk 26 miles in all today – another record for the walk.

‎Anne resting her feet ready for the next leg 

We arrived at our goal, just south of Salisbury in good time and have therefore been able to get to our B’n’B early and have more time to rest and relax. Anne even went for a swim!

The final milestone we passed today is that we are now less than 100 miles from Westminster. We have around 97 to go. This does feel good and we can also start to count down to the finish line.

‎Popped into a pub for lunch and look what they served my coke in. Whilst I think this is a complete misuse of a Tribute glass it was nice to be reminded of home!

Although both Anne and I have suffered today with some major blister developments, we would not want to be doing anything else right now. The pain is and will continue to be worth it once we complete our goal and raise thousands of pounds for two great and important local charities. So as always please don’t forget to donate. In the end it’s what this is all about!