Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Double Challenge - #walk2westminster - Day 1

Ready to go!

A few stats from today - 22.4 miles, 49350 steps, 2980 calories, 11 liters of water, lots of hills, 0 blisters - don't ask about the chafing!

What an amazing first day. Let’s start at the beginning. We were thrilled that over 20 people showed up at the Eden Project to give us a send off – including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of St Austell. We are really grateful to everyone who took the trouble to come and see us off.

Our great supporters who came to see us off

After some press photos and a quick interview with the Cornwall Channel, the recently appointed Mayor, Derek Collins, counted us down and we were off.

Departure from Eden Project

The weather was stunning, in fact probably too good. This made the going tough and keeping topped up with plenty of water was essential. Anne and I drank over 11 litres of water between us.

Our first day of walking took us from The Eden Project, which is on the edge the constituency of St Austell and Newquay that I hope to be elected to represent next year, to the village of St Cleer, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, just above Liskeard. A distance of 22.4 miles in total.

 Stunning view from Prideaux House to Gribbin Head

 Beautiful Luxulyan Valley

 Approach to Lanlivery

 Western approach to Lostwithiel

Stopping for lunch at Lostwithiel

Leaving Lostwithiel (quite the climb!)

Our route took us through some of the most picturesque parts of Cornwall’s countryside. From Eden we walked through the Luxulyan Valley, through Lanlivery and on to Lostwithiel. We then kept south of the A390 and through the Boconnoc Estate. We then wound our way through a number of small villages before crossing the A390 just before Liskeard and on up to St Cleer. If you are interested in the actual route we took you can see it at the Google Maps link at the bottom of the post.

We were very grateful for the support we had today – our good friend Neil Bate was driving the support truck and did a great job of looking after us all the way. Also James Mustoe, who is also a good friend and part of our campaign team walked with us for the morning.

 Our driver for the day Neil Bate

With James Mustoe at Lanlivery

The highlights of the day were –

The send-off - with so many friends coming to wave us off.

Being given a picture that had been drawn by children at Little Harbour Children’s Hospice – which we will take with us to remind us why we are doing this.

The beautiful scenery, especially the Boconnoc Estate where a herd of deer crossed the road just in front of us.

A 'selfie' at Bocconoc

Being handed cash donations along the way by people who asked what we were doing.

We finished the day well, feeling happy if tired, and a few aches and pains as expected. All in all a very good start to our challenge. One down, 12 days to go!

Tired but happy at St. Cleer

And finally, the best way of encouraging us to keep going is to keep donating to the charities we are supporting – Cornwall Air Ambulance and Children’s Hospice SW. If you haven’t yet sponsored us you can do so here

Google Maps Link - Map of route