Monday, 22 June 2020

Campaign reply - Will you write to our local transport providers?

Thank you  to all constituents for sending me a copy of the campaign email from the guide dogs association. I know of the excellent work they do and the help they provide to so many in our communities.

All businesses have a legal obligation to assist and update their practices to assist disabled groups and it is important that as they consider the knock-on effect of the current medical crisis they remember this important part in their planning and execution.

I contacted Cornwall Council and have a reply from them on this important matter:

“Thank you for your email [name redacted] regarding accessibility to public transport for those with limited vision.
As you will appreciate, the Covid-19 pandemic and our subsequent lockdown period has seen bus service patronage across Cornwall reduce dramatically to less than 10% of normal loadings.  Nevertheless, local bus companies are following Government guidance to provide a safe journey for keyworkers and those who are unable to access essential services without the use of bus services.  The bus companies are paying particular attention to social distancing, reducing interaction between driver and passenger but in the meantime also offering as much support as is necessary to ensure people can board and feel safe and assured to travel by bus.  All bus companies observe codes of conduct when providing for the more vulnerable and needy of our society.  Of course, passengers are also encouraged to follow Government guidance on how to avoid contact and social distance.   Information on bus services is being provided to passengers through a variety of means such as telephone help desks at Traveline South West, online, via app but also at the roadside.  [name redacted] can rest assured that her well-being and safety will be paramount in the bus driver’s mind should she present herself for travel.
The advice from the Charity Guide Dogs is welcomed - we will use this to gently remind our local bus companies of its content and very useful guidance. If we can provide any further information to you or [name redacted], please do not hesitate to contact us.’
I hope this is helpful and am pleased they are circulating the advice your provided to the local bus companies.
Thanks again for getting in touch and do let me know if I can ever be of further assistance with any other matter in the future”.
I am also in regular touch with many businesses across the county and will be pleased to highlight the matter you raise where appropriate.