Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Campaign response – Wash our hands of Trident to combat COVID19

Recently I have received a number of emails titled “Wash our hands of Trident to combat COVID19”.

Frankly I think it is appalling that some should make light of the serious advice from the Government to wash our hands, and to use this public health crisis to advance their narrow and unpopular agenda to lobby MPs to weaken our national defence infrastructure.

Not only that, they are proposing that the Government suddenly make thousands of service personnel and civilians in Scotland redundant at this difficult time for our economy.

What the current crisis is showing us, above all, is that we are living in an ever-more uncertain world.

This alone should be a powerful enough reason for the retention and renewal of Trident.

The defence of our people, our realm and our interests domestically and overseas should be the first priority of any government, as it is rightly so currently.

It is absolutely vital that we maintain a continuous independent nuclear deterrent as the ultimate guarantee of our national security.

The Government has consistently set out the case for maintaining our nuclear deterrent. Of course all of us would wish that we could live in a world without nuclear weapons.

However, it is clear that the world today is becoming an ever more dangerous and in many ways unstable place to live. I believe firmly that we cannot dismiss the possibility that a major direct nuclear threat to the UK might re-emerge.