Thursday, 12 March 2020

Campaign response - Please attend the animal sentience and End the Cage Age debates on 16th March

A number of constituents have sent me a copy of a campaign email regarding the Westminster Hall debates on Animal sentience and also another on Ending Caging. Both debates are on Monday 16 March and I have them in my diary. I will endeavour to attend them although it is a very busy day.

Many of you who care about animals will already know that the care and wellbeing of animals is already something I have taken an interest in.

I opened the Westminster hall debate on live animal exports some time ago and was pleased to see this important issue aired.

The UK already has some of the best welfare standards for animals anywhere in the world and once we have left the EU current legislation can be reviewed and strengthened wherever  there is need. The matters raised in the two Westminster Hall debates are relevant and I whilst I will endeavour to attend, in the event that proves impossible I will be sure to catch up with colleagues for a report.