Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Campaign reply - Road Haulage Association "Urgent Financial Support Needed for Road Hauliers"

Thank you to those constituents who have sent me a copy of  The Road Transport Association campaign email seeking further support for hauliers during the corona virus.

Road transport forms a vital part of the infrastructure of the UK and as never before we are relying on the key part played by this industry.

Haulage has always been a highly competitive business with a mix of results from different companies in terms of profitability. I know many have ceased trading over the years whilst others have run successful and profitable businesses. I understand that with the additional pressures caused by the medical crisis this adds considerably to the complexity and difficulties of running any business let alone a logistics company.

Some have been in touch to say part of the problem is there is now many occasions  where vehicles are not fully laden which is an obvious further burden on costings, efficiency and viability.

The government has in record time introduced a range of measures to assist businesses. The aim of the government  is that those that were viable before the medical crisis will be in a position to continue trading once it passes. The haulage industry presents unique circumstances and challenges and I will do all I can in making further representations to ministers to see what further help can be made.

Many will already be aware of the help the government is offering businesses in a multibillion £ effort with deferring taxes and VAT payments, rates relief, furlough wage provision and also the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. This has been considerably enhanced by the chancellor following feedback from myself and other MPs and even if you have applied with your lender before without receiving a helpful response or acceptable terms, I would urge you to reapply following his recent intervention.

Having been in business myself for many years I am acutely aware of the pressures that virtually all businesses are facing right now and whilst I will continue to petition for more help on your behalf. I also firmly support the provision made by the chancellor to date.