Friday, 24 April 2020

Campaign reply - Garden Centres after lockdown

I have been contacted by constituents as part of a campaign asking that the re-opening garden centres must be included in any first phase ease of lockdown.

I appreciate people getting in contact with their concerns.

At present the most important thing is for people to follow the Government guidance and stay at home where ever possible.

This is primarily a health crisis and the Government will look at the exit strategy from lockdown once it is safe to do so.

Most people are currently following the guidelines but it is important that we do not ease them too soon or else we risk a second peak which would set us back both socially and economically.

However, I agree that it would seem appropriate for Garden Centres to be among the first tranche of businesses able to re-open once the lockdown begins to be lifted. I have made representations to government ministers asking for this to be considered.