Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Campaign reply - “I want you to be a Disability Gamechanger”.

A number of constituents have sent me a campaign email entitled, “I want you to be a Disability Gamechanger”.

I read the statistics and goals with both concern and interest. During my time in business locally, I set out to ensure my company went the extra mile to ensure we did all we could to employ and retain staff with many different forms of disability. I was pleased to work closely with the local job centre on this issue and saw real success.

During my time on the Transport Committee, I was pleased to see changes in transport regulations to improve access and facilities on public transport – whilst I also acknowledge there is much more to do.

The recent announcement by the Government on proposals to make Changing Places Toilets for people with severe disabilities mandatory in new large public buildings has been is a vital step forward and one I have fully supported. Currently, building regulations guidance only recommends Changing Places toilets are provided.

Alongside this, the Department of Health and Social Care has announced £2 million to install over 100 Changing Places toilets in NHS hospitals throughout England. There are currently only around 30 to 40 Changing Places on the NHS England estate, and this investment will enable Trusts to increase accessibility. I met with local campaigners to discuss the importance of providing accessible toilets for everyone in public places, particularly in NHS facilities. It is common sense that everyone should be able to use toilet facilities and I very much hope this consultation, which is a vital step forward to increasing accessibility for disabled people, will lead to these changes being put in place without delay.

If honoured with re-election as MP for St Austell and Newquay constituency, I will continue to champion improving life for people with disabilities.

The Conservative Party manifesto outlines the commitments made to those with disabilities. You can read the full details here: