Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Campaign reply - Climate change

A number of constituents have sent me a  campaign email regarding the climate change.
Imperative in the debate around climate change is that political parties, government and councils set out plans to address climate change with honest and realistic targets. The government has done just that with ambitious yet realistic plans to see the economy become carbon neutral by 2050. It will be a real challenge but I believe achievable. That is far better than setting unrealistic dates that cannot be achieved that are then abandoned – as with the Labour Party’s recent u turn.

 The department for environment, food and rural affairs has set out  the actions and achievements I believe you will be interested in. you can read it here:

If I am honoured with re-election,  I will be sure to continue my work supporting Ocean environmental groups both locally and in Parliament tackling plastic pollution and many other matters. It was also a pleasure to host a Green Peace event last June, in Parliament. It was well attended and I will continue to support much of their work.