Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Campaign reply - Brexit

A number of constituents have written to me with a campaign email entitled “Only way to solve abuse Cummings effectively says is Retract Article 50.”

During the referendum campaign both sides put forward their best arguments and there are attempts to discredit the views expressed by both sides. Whilst I firmly believe  we will be better off leaving the EU even if that were not the case there are many who write to me saying that they simply want to see us become a sovereign nation again. It cuts through all other arguments.

What would do irreparable harm to our democracy is to fail to deliver on the result of the referendum. I see it as my duty to ensure we leave. However people voted in the referendum or at the last election I genuinely seek to reach out to all constituents and assist them in any way I can but that does not include undoing what the majority voted for and still want.

Any number of opinion polls are cited but no reference is made to the most important polls which are heavily regulated and where the entire voting populous has opportunity to vote in a secret ballot – those of the referendum and the last election. Both showed clear support for leaving the EU. Further the results of the recent European elections left us all in no doubt that the majority for leaving holds sway.

The campaign ends with this statement:
Democracy is not a one time event it is a continuous process whereby citizens hold their representatives to account. It is a conversation between two parties.
Democracies can only function if citizens have accurate and true information.

I agree and come the next election there will the opportunity for everyone to put forward their view and for the electorate to vote. The sooner that happens the better.