Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Campaign response: Please Scrap HS2

Thank you to constituents who have recently contacted me about their concerns about HS2.

I fully appreciate the strength of feeling on this issue.

HS2 is fundamentally about increasing the capacity of our busy railways – HS2 will be lead to almost 15,000 seats an hour on trains between London and the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds – three times the current capacity.

If we are to invest in creating a new line, there is no reason why we should not opt for the latest and fastest trains that deliver the best efficiency for taxpayers.

But there has been a significant amount of unnecessary delays to the project.

I am also very concerned about the increasing costs and if it is deliverable in its current form.

I would support a review to assess whether HS2 is the very best option we have to modernise our railways and increase capacity.