Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Campaign reply - hedgerow and tree netting

A number of constituents have written to me over the issue of hedgerow and tree netting. I have followed this issue with some concern and note the large public response to the recent petition. The petition has been signed by over 310,000 people.

The Ministry of Housing has written to builders and developers to remind and no doubt alert them afresh regarding the legal obligations around this.
The petition will now be considered for a Parliamentary debate and as I am on the committee it is not appropriate to say much more.
There has been a number of  government and ministry statements on this:
"Netting trees and hedgerows is only appropriate where genuinely needed to protect birds from harm during development”.
"Any development project must consider the impact on local wildlife and take precautionary action to protect habitat”.
"Bird netting should be kept to a minimum, and used only to help protect birds during development."
"It is vital developers take these words on board and play their full role to make sure we can deliver new communities in an environmentally sustainable way."

As a result of the public outcry I understand a number of developers have stopped or removed netting.