Monday, 11 May 2020

Campaign reply - “ URGENT New Starter Justice campaign”.

Some constituents have sent me a copy of a campaign email entitled “ URGENT New Starter Justice campaign”.

There is mention of an early day motion. As a principle I never sign early day motions as they very rarely achieve anything whilst at the same time running up costs to the tax payer.

Pay as you earn real time information (PAYE RTI) has been in place since 2013. It requires all employers to notify HMRC of their liability to PAYE when or before they pay employees.

This well-established, secure and verifiable system has been used by the government to reach out to literally millions of employees through the furlough scheme during the medical crisis. The government introduced the furlough scheme with astonishing speed bearing in mind the scale of the task.

Revising forward the cut-off date  following the announcement of the scheme, would leave the tax payer open to the significant risk of fraud.

There are other measures in place to help those who fall outside the cut off date or who are unable to revert to a previous employer for furloughing:

Cornwall Council have recently set up the People Hub hotline for more specific employment advice, which is available on:

0333 0150699 between 10am-5pm, Monday to Friday

Cornwall Council have a landing page for Coronavirus:


There is also a grant via Turn2Us for those in extreme financial hardship but it is temporarily closed, they do have a grant finder though:

Also there are funds available directly from Cornwall Council hardship fund: