Thursday, 21 May 2020

Camapign reply - Tethering

A number of constituents have sent me a copy of a campaign email regarding tethering of animals and horses in particular.

We are an animal loving nation and that is reflected not only in the concern and love shown to animals by so many of us but also by the UK having some of the toughest laws in the world around animal welfare. My family have owned horses in the past and I know they bring much joy.

I fear there will sadly always be those who do not share the care and concern for animals that the vast majority do and whatever legislation is introduced it will not prevent all acts of ill treatment. Essential to seeing a reduction in cases if ill treatment is should anyone become aware of cases of animal cruelty they report it immediately to the police or the RSPCA.

The role of local authorities is important and whilst I support greater intervention by them it is the duty of local authorities. I have no control over how they manage this or any other aspect of their responsibilities.

Whilst I am supportive of causes seeking the best animal welfare it is also right that those who have responsibility in any given area make sure they fulfil their duties and as such I will raise the matter with the Council.