Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Newspaper column 27 July 2016 - The new Prime Minister and Cabinet

Parliament has now risen for Summer Recess and I look forward to spending the next few weeks out and about across Mid-Cornwall. However before we settle into for what many of us is the busiest time of the year, I want to reflect back on events in the last two weeks, particularly my thoughts on our new Prime Minister and her Cabinet.

I think our new Prime Minister has gotten off to a flying start. She has gotten on with the job of getting a new Cabinet in place, given a formidable performance at her first Prime Minister’s Questions, and most importantly has not shied away from the important answers, giving a firm commitment to Brexit, as well as making an excellent case for the renewal of Trident, which was confirmed following last Monday’s vote.

The new Cabinet, made up of the Secretaries of State who run major Government departments is also proof of the Prime Minister’s commitment in her first speech following her appointment that she wants to govern ‘a Britain that works for everyone and real people that reflect Britain.’

Our new Prime Minister’s Cabinet is 70 per cent state educated. The new Education Secretary, Justine Greening is the first Education Secretary to have attended a comprehensive school and this government has the lowest proportion of privately educated ministers of any political party since 1945. The Prime Minister herself was state educated and as someone who also took this path, I feel this new Cabinet is much more representative of not only the Conservative Parliamentary Party but also the country as a whole.
On top of this, the Prime Minister’s new Cabinet has the most women of any previous Conservative administration, matching the previous record set by the Blair Government. This is another step forward and shows that we are the real progressive party – matching our words with actions and delivering not only the UK’s second female Prime Minister but also the joint highest female representation in the Cabinet.
Finally, I was particularly pleased to see the appointment of so many familiar faces from the Leave Campaign into positions where they will be able to work to affect positive change. It was great to see David Davis appointed as EU Exit Secretary and Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary where they will both be able to work towards our country leaving the EU in good order.

In summary I believe the new Prime Minister and her Cabinet will do well in getting on with business of running the country, taking us through Brexit and beyond. I have already invited members of the new Cabinet down to Cornwall to show them first-hand some of the issues we face and look forward to working with them all in the future for the good of Mid-Cornwall.

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