Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Newspaper column 13 July 2016 - The conclusion of the Conservative

We are certainly living in very interesting times at the moment. There is an old saying that a week is a very long time in politics, and I feel that this has never been truer than now. What a week we have had.

In my column last week I wrote about my support for Stephen Crabb in the first round of the leadership contest to decide not only the new leader for the Conservative Party, but also our next Prime Minister.

However Stephen dropped out of the race mid-week and I subsequently declared my support for Andrea Leadsom, who by Friday was one of two candidates remaining from the original five.
Along with several other MPs I had, over the weekend written to Conservative party chairman Lord Feldman, asking him to fast track the leadership contest. We stated that the country is living through unprecedented times and that ongoing instability on the markets caused by the uncertainty around the leadership race risked causing real damage to the country. With just two candidates remaining so early in the process, it seemed ridiculous to wait two months before coming to a decision.

However, as I write this column on Monday morning, the breaking news was Andrea has also withdrawn from the competition and put her support behind the sole remaining candidate, Theresa May.

I am obviously disappointed that Andrea has taken this decision but entirely respect her reasons for doing so. I believe that Andrea’s actions have been brave and selfless, and in taking this step she has put the wellbeing of the country ahead of her personal ambitions, of which I applaud.

I have always said that all of the candidates for the leadership post would have made an excellent Prime Minister and am sure that Theresa, with her many years of Cabinet experience, will do a good job for the country.

Following the EU Referendum the people and businesses of the UK need strong leadership to move quickly to set out what an independent United Kingdom’s life outside the EU looks like.
Theresa May has promised to implement Article 50, the mechanism for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, as soon as possible, and it is now our job to form a strong and united Government behind her to ensure that this process takes place and the people of the UK get the best possible outcome.

The Conservative party was elected in 2015 with a strong manifesto, of which a major part, the EU referendum, has now been fulfilled. We all now need a new Prime Minister in place as soon as possible, who will fulfil that manifesto as well as implementing the clear democratic instructions from the British people, who spoke so strongly at the referendum.

I look forward to working with Theresa May and her team to ensure the best interests of Cornwall and its people are kept at the heart of this Government as we go forward.

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