Saturday, 15 November 2014

25 weeks to go!

Once the dust had settled from the great result in the Mevagissey by election, I was back out on the campaign trail.  With only 25 weeks to go until the General Election everything is focused back on 7th May.

The highlights of my week were:

Enjoying a breakfast at the Fowey Yacht Club hosted by Fowey Parish Church
Judging the St Blazey and Par School Christmas Card competition in aid of Chicks
Helping local residents with a number of planning issues including a proposed Gypsy                   Traveller site at Scredda
Supporting our newly elected Cornwall Councillor for Mevagissey James Mustoe in his               new role
Attending the Lions Club of St Austell Victorian Afternoon tea in aid of the Sensory Trust
Chairing the Carclaze School Governors meeting
Meeting with a local GP to discuss issues of local health care provision as well as national         NHS issues
Attending the St Austell Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast

Anne and I took the day on Sunday to pause the campaign and attend the Remembrance parades in Newquay and St Austell.  It was an honour to be able to actively participate in both of these events and to join the strong turnouts in both towns.  As usual the parades and services were extremely well run and the organisers should feel justly proud of their success.  As we travelled between the two services we took up the invitation to join the Remembrance Day lunch in St Dennis and we were made to feel very welcome. 

 Anne and I with Cllr Tom French at the St Austell Remembrance Parade

On Monday I discussed politics with the student council and history students at Treviglas School in Newquay.  It is always good to see the younger people engaging with today’s issues. 

On Friday afternoon I was honoured to attend the signing of the Charter for Compassion at the Eden Project.   The Charter for Compassion is a global initiative and is;  “a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life. Compassion is the principled determination to put ourselves in the shoes of the other, and lies at the heart of all religious and ethical systems.”

The campaign team met in the week and I am pleased to report that our band of enthusiastic volunteers continues to grow.  But we have room for many more so if you are keen to get involved then please contact me and we can discuss how you can help.  

This week has seen storms hit the county once again, so stay safe and warm.  If there are any particular issues that you think I could help with then please do not hesitate to contact me.