Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Newspaper column 21 February - My work as MP

February Recess is now over and after spending some much-welcomed time with my family in St Austell I am once again in Parliament representing you as your strong Cornish voice in Westminster.

Over the last week I spent a lot of time in my constituency office in St Austell, where I have a team working Monday-Friday on my behalf to assist constituents who bring issues to me.

As an MP, people want to contact you about all sorts of things. People come to me for assistance with problems they have with government departments, such as the Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC, issues with Cornwall Council, and many other things. As well as helping with people’s personal issues, constituents also contact me about government policy, with people lobbying both for and against any particular legislation that is moving through Parliament on the national stage.

Along with my team I am pleased to have assisted around 4,000 individual constituents with their concerns since I was elected and I have written to over 10,000 people who have contacted me about policy matters.

Apart from written communication and over the phone, there are lots of ways in which I as your Member of Parliament can help with issues that are brought to me. I also try to be as contactable as possible and hold regular events where you can see me by appointment or informally to discuss the things that matter to you.

I hold regular constituency advice surgeries in both Newquay and St Austell where people can book appointments and come and see me in confidence, on a one to one setting, to discuss matters that they need assistance with. I hold at least twice a month. If you want to book an appointment you can get in touch with my office on 01726 829379 or at Details of when the surgeries are, are on my website .These surgeries do get booked up fairly early, so if you do want to see someone without a wait, then you can always pop into my office, which is open to the public 1000-1600 Monday to Friday, in St Austell and see a member of my team.

Another really popular series that I have run has been ‘Meet Your MP’ events. I have held these during Recess, when Parliament is not sitting, since my election in pubs and informal venues across Mid-Cornwall. They are generally evening events and allow you to meet with me in an informal setting to discuss whatever you would like with me. I have held these both in towns and also many of the smaller villages around the constituency and they are an ideal way for you to come and see me to discuss any local or national issues.

I also try to keep people informed of my work on your behalf on social media and have Facebook and Twitter accounts that I update regularly as well as through my website. I regret that due to data protection concerns I am unable to deal with individual casework or issues via these channels so would advise anyone with specific issues or questions to email me.

Finally I am always happy to meet with groups of people with specific interests or concerns and come and listen to them and discuss what I can do to assist their cause. Should you wish to ask me to come along and talk to your group, just get in touch with my office and they will be happy to book something in.