Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Newspaper column 12 October 2016 - The Prime Minister's speech

Last week was the Conservative Party conference and our new Prime Minister’s first real chance to lay out her vision for our country.

In her closing speech she presented a vision of a country that works for everyone and touched on a number of key issues and steps to achieving this.

It marked a shift in emphasis after six years where we have had to address the deep financial challenges the country was facing in 2010. Although there is clearly still work to be done in ensuring our country lives within its means, Theresa May clearly intendeds to look to the future and the type of country she wants to build. I welcome this.

The biggest issue facing us as a country is clearly implementing the decision by the British people to leave the EU. I was pleased that the Prime Minister sent a clear message that we will respect the democratically made decision and ignore those who are calling for it to be rerun, cast aside or fudged. We will be leaving the EU and we now have a timetable for when this decision will be implemented - in the first part of next year. This will be followed by a Great Repeal Bill that will legally pave the way for us to leave the EU and re-establish the sovereignty of the UK Parliament over all matters that are currently controlled by Brussels.

The PM also made clear that she understood that the referendum result was not just about leaving the EU. It was a deeper expression of people’s frustrations and anger at the disconnection people feel to the political systems, along with the desire for us as a country to take back control over our own affairs, especially in areas such as immigration.

This will be a lengthy process which will have any number of twists and bumps in the road. But I believe Theresa May has shown that she gets it and will deliver on Brexit.

Other highlights from the Prime Minister's speech include an announcement to continue to reform welfare and the changes to assessments for ESA as I wrote about last week, reform of corporate governance to ensure all businesses are run accountably and with long-term interest clearly in mind, strengthening workers’ rights, bold new education reforms – so that every child has the chance to go to a good, local school and that they are not held back by where they live or how much money their parents have and continuing to invest in our NHS – £10 billion extra over this Parliament, which is only possible because of the strong economic foundations we have built.

I am proud to be part of the Government that is working to achieve the Prime Minister’s vision and look forward to continuing to practically apply it for the good of Cornwall.

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