Monday, 26 September 2016

NHS England’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Since coming to power in 2010, firstly the coalition Government then the majority Conservative Government has increased spending on the NHS. During the course of this Parliament (2015-2020), spending will increase by an extra £10 billion. This year, the increase in health funding is 4% in real terms – three times the rate of inflation. The real point however, is not to do with money- however much the Conservatives put in and however much Labour says it will put in, it is down to the NHS being effectively managed.

STPs are about building a health and care system for local needs. Last year, the NHS outlined a new approach to try and better integrate health and social care. This is where the STPs come in. STPs will help drive genuine improvements and sustainable outcomes for patients based on local requirements, they will take into account of the scale needed to deliver the public health services required to improve patient outcomes with complex health and social care needs.  

Some organisations such as 38 Degrees have argued STPs are a secret process and a Trojan horse for privatisation. This is incorrect, STPs were announced in December 2015, in the NHS planning guidelines on the NHS website. Despite what Labour and 38 Degrees say ad infinitum, the NHS is not being privatised, it will still be free at the point of need and funded out of general taxation.

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