Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Newspaper column - Newquay editions 20 April 2016 - Tolcarne Beach

Not only is Newquay a fantastic place to live and work in, it is also one of the county’s most popular holiday destinations. Rightly so it is often considered the jewel in Cornwall’s tourism crown. Attracting around 100,000 visitors in the summer alone, it is important the town is kept looking at its best and appropriate funds are ploughed into the area to ensure this happens.

So with this in mind, I was saddened to be contacted about the poor state of the area at the top of Tolcarne Beach. Benches, which should give people the perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning view from Narrowcliff Road, have been left to deteriorate to a point where layers of paint are flaking away, wood is visible and some benches are broken all together. One constituent even found two screws exposed on one of the seats. This is an accident waiting to happen and is simply not good enough.

Furthermore, the paint on the blue railings is peeling away and in some instances, revealing the metal underneath. Weeds are getting out of control, snaking their way up and across the railings.

To this end, I was encouraged to see the community coming together at the weekend to stage a public protest against the state of the area and to raise awareness of the issue. The well attended event gave people the chance to air their views and discuss a way forward.

 While as a Member of Parliament I cannot force Cornwall Council to take action, I can – and will – back residents in their calls to see this area improved. I believe historically Cornwall Council has not served Newquay well and this is evidenced here. The town has some of the highest car parking charges in the county, yet year after year we fail to see fair investment back into the town from these funds.

This is an issue affecting several points across the town, so I am pleased residents are taking the time to stand up and say enough is enough. I am keen to play a part in getting this put right and will make representations where appropriate, having already contacted Cornwall Council about this specific issue, urging them to take immediate action to improve this area in time for the summer season.

As this develops, I will keep you updated through my Facebook page ‘Steve Double MP’ and through this newspaper.

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