Thursday, 2 July 2015

Newquay area newspaper column 01 July 2015 - Supporting Newquay

Running up to the General Election I campaigned hard on the pledge to work with local businesses in order to support economic growth and the creation of more better-paid jobs.  I believe that a growing national economy will give us the resources we need to invest in our vital services, and that a growing local economy will give our young people the chance to build a life in Cornwall. 

There are many ways that I can support these aims as your MP and I have taken the opportunity in the last few weeks to work on these issues.

There has been much debate in the press and on the radio about the subsidy paid to Newquay airport.  I featured on BBC Radio Cornwall in support of the airport last week. The airport is critical to the whole of the Cornish economy; it provides connectivity for local businesses, local people and visitors to the area.  Without it, many businesses would leave Cornwall and new investment would be harder to attract.  I will continue to support the airport and fight for its future.

Later in the week I met with local business leaders in Newquay; representatives from the Newquay Business Improvement District and the Newquay Chamber of Commerce.  It is great to be involved with people so passionate about their town and prepared to put in significant effort to bring real change.  I look forward to working closely with them.

We discussed a wide range of topics including one that I feel strongly about, the ban on taking children out of school to go on holiday.  This rule impacts Cornwall and especially Newquay in two important ways.  Firstly, the so-called shoulder months of June and September have seen a significant decline in visitors to the area.  Many businesses in Newquay have reported a drop in profits and some are considering whether they can survive. 

Secondly, many Cornish people work in the tourist industry and so it is impossible for them to take family holidays during the school summer holidays.  I believe that family holidays are an important feature of family life; a time to bond and spend time together away from the stresses of everyday life.  If families are not allowed to take their children out of school, I struggle to see how many Cornish families can manage a holiday together.

This is an issue that I am extremely concerned about and I am already working at Westminster to address this issue, raising the issue with Government Ministers and will continue to campaign for a more flexible approach to families holidays.

My team and I are here to serve the whole constituency and seek to make a real difference to the lives of everyone who needs help and support in any way.

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