Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Campaign reply: Time to stop fracking

I have received a further campaign email on concerns over fracking in the UK and whilst I have already made a number of statements on this I thought it worth repeating some of the facts:

Fracking is relatively new to the UK but around the World there are well over a million fracking operations and to date there has never been a serious accident; so in essence fracking is a safe and clean way to produce energy.

Energy prices fall dramatically with real benefits for consumers and industry in those countries that have fracking operations. This is a worthwhile consideration as the economy makes rapid transition towards a carbon free era.

Nowhere in the World is fracking more heavily regulated and controlled than in the UK. The current regulations are extraordinarily stringent and whilst I will monitor carefully any proposed changes it is also important that effective production is permitted with appropriate safeguards in place.

Fracking is less harmful than some current sources of energy. For instance it will create less CO2 than compressing gas in Qatar and shipping it to Britain. Also being over reliant on supplies of gas from Qatar or Russia is always less than satisfactory.

Huge progress has been made by the government since 2010 in the greening of our  energy supplies with record amounts of our electricity being generated by zero or low carbon options. The switch to an eventual zero carbon method production is well underway. Fracking whilst not carbon free is part of the journey towards reducing and eventually eliminating carbon from our energy base.

National supply and decisions need a UK wide coordinated approach and whilst we will all take an interest in how this new industry and energy supply unfolds I am supportive of the government in its’ actions that will ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.